[r-t] The finest unrung treble dodging royal and max

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Jul 17 21:54:37 UTC 2005

> Looking into it, why has Snow Tiger only ever been rung 7 times?
> This makes it considerably less popular than Pudsey max!

It's quite good for one of my methods though Philip...

It's very easy to find excellent new methods on ten and twelve, but really
very hard to get a new method accepted into the canon. I tried moderately
hard with Snow Tiger, but I don't have quite the clout that Messrs Pipe
(Ariel etc), Hull (Triton) and Border (Avon) do/did.

Ringers, possibly especially peal ringers, are also incredibly conservative
and don't actually like ringing new stuff. Those few ringers who do like
ringing new stuff generally only like ringing their OWN new stuff. A damning
indictment I know, but I fear 'tis true.

To be fair, ST is f-group, which is not the most fashionable of leadheads,
and doesn't lend itself to short peals very neatly. (I've always thought it
would be fantastic in spliced, mind). I did have a few other
"super-coursing" methods with more interesting leadhead orders, but I've
never got round to pealing them. Is it worth the effort I ask myself now.


P.S. I liked your description of the music below the treble in Cambridge,
Philip. Rock on... :-)

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