[r-t] Quiz for today

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Jul 25 10:21:26 UTC 2005

Stephen Penney wrote:

> PJE: "Dunno Percy, what property do they have? Judging by the silence, even
> Richard Smith hasn't been able to work it out..."
> Well it's do to with the way they can be extended to Royal. I've been
> told that if you extend them to Major in the same way, Annables London is
> included in the set. Unfortunately I left my list of place notations at
> work, so will have to work it out later....

You've still lost me...

Of Netherseale, Lincoln, Coldstream, York and Durham, only
York has a currently legal extension to Royal (or, indeed, a
legal extension to any number).  Netherseale and Lincoln
have sporadic extensions to both Major and Royal,
Coldstream, a sporadic extension to Royal, Durham, to
just Major, and Annable's London, also just to Major, though
in three different ways.

As York (which was on the list) has proper, indefinite
extensions and Stamford, Wells, London and Wooler, Morpeth,
Newcastle, Canterbury and Alnwick (none of which were on the
list) all have only sporadic extensions, I think I must be
on the wrong track.


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