[r-t] RE: Stedman Minor (Shipway's Campanologia) and Method naming

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Just looked at Shipway Minor on http://methods.ringing.org (which is very 

Its interesting that he's taken Stedman and extended the slow work up to 
4ths place. Stedman minor is slightly different as he shifts the 4-5 dodges 
into 5-6 and every time a bell passes through 4ths place, they always do 
three blows.

The St Martin's Guild rang a 720 of Stedman Minor about 150 years ago I 
think. Will research in the Guild library.

One more thing

Don Morrison wrote a couple of weeks ago in the RW an article on quarter 
peal ringers.
The jist of it was that quarter peal ringers should be allowed to name a 
method at any stage and not just minor and below. I'm surprised that no-one 
has passed any comment on it. What do you all think?

My opinions are:

1. That a quarter peal is a good benchmark to be able to name a method but I 
think that any band ringing a just a course of a method should also be able 
to name it.

2. Spliced - In a touch of spliced, at least a course of the new method has 
to be rung within the touch before naming it or else a quarter peal 
involving the new method to name it.

When the ringers of the 17th Century were practicing Grandsire and Plain 
Bob, they didn't ring a peal of it before naming them did they?

Also with triples and below, one has to ring an extent to name the method 
but with major and above, a peal is considered a suitable benchmark for 
ringers. More ringers ring quarter peals than peals (Morrison, D ) which is 
another reason why ringers who don't ring peals should have the right to 
name methods of triples and above.

I'm not trying to knock the work of the methods committee here, in fact I 
appreciate and use frequently the provisional method names page so at least 
they aren't disregarding non peal ringers completely.




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>According to my photocopy, Book 1 page 106 gives the figures of Shipway's
>Principle (which he prefers should be confined to even numbers of bells, 
>nevertheless, gives figures for both odd and even)
>For even numbers the place notation would be:
>3N. 14. x 14 x 14 x 14. 3N. x.14 x 14 x 14
>ie it's in two types of 8s not of 6s
>In Book 3 he gives figures of peals of Major, Royal and Maximus but is shy
>of the extent of Minor
>I think it might be a bit of a challenge to cook up a true 720 because I'm
>not convinced that the Principle allows for pairs of bells in 5-6 the way
>that Stedman Doubles does in 4-5 i.e. (I'm no mathematician so cannot
>express this in a whiz bang fashion) but in Doubles there are only two 
>of pairs that can ever come into 4-5 : a coursing pair or a non-coursing
>pair whereas in Minor you must have coursing pairs plus coursing pairs with
>one bell separating them plus coursing pairs with two bells separating 
>i.e. three types of pairs with only an even number of eights to fit in...I
>don't know if this has any relevance in the grand order of things, it's 
>a gut feeling as they say
>Best regards
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> > Can anyone come up with a 720 (and maybe 540 too) of Stedman Minor as
> > printed in Shipway's Campanologia please?
> >
> > 123456   Quick Six
> > 214365
> > 124356
> > 142365
> > 412635
> > 421653
> > -----------
> > 241635  Slow Six
> > 426153
> > 462135
> > 642153
> > 624513
> > 264531
> >
> > The above is from memory so it may be wrong.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Aye
> >
> > Sam
> >
> >
> >
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