[r-t] differential treble-dodging.

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Fri Jun 10 15:28:14 UTC 2005

Andrew Sibson:
>> I read in today's comic a letter from Ben Willet[t]s...
> Do you fancy quoting (or summarising) it?

Sir, - Anthony Smith informs us (p472 and p498) that certain of the methods
pealed recently in Cambridge are Differentials, and their titles should be
Xxxxx Differential Delight Minor, and so on.  Fine.  But he then goes on to
say that "it would be less misleading" for the peals to be described as
Minor rather than Treble Dodging Minor as they contain "a mixture of method

Doesn't this sound rather silly?  The whole point of the designation "Treble
Dodging Minor" is that it encompasses a mixture of method types, all of
which have the same treble path!  I fail to see how calling a method a
Differential makes it fall outside this description - and I would go so far
as to say that his proposed relabelling of the peals as simply "Minor" is
actually MORE misleading, as it implies that there is a change of treble
path somewhere in the peals.

Ben Willetts

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