[r-t] RE: Stedman Minor (Shipway's Campanologia) and Method naming

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Tue Jun 14 14:12:49 UTC 2005

Andrew Johnson wrote:

> Bala Bob has a Stedman type of front work.

Do you have any information on how old this method is?  All
I can find out is that it was first pealed (as a single
method) in 1972, though it was clearly named before that as
the 1960ish CC Minor Collection includes it (with a name).

The five named plain minor methods with a Stedman frontwork

  Method                Notation        Pealed
  Stedman Bob           &-6-3.4.3,6      1847
  Stepney Bob           &-6-3.4.3,2      1955
  Ynystawe Bob          &34.6-3.4.3,2    1965
  Bala Bob              &3.4-3.4.3,2     1972
  Double Dunkirk Bob    &3.4-3.4.3,4    [2003]

(I've put the Double Dunkirk date in brackets as it was not
a single-method peal.  I notice that the relevant RW ref is
not recorded in the CC collection for this method.)

So Stedman appears to have the longest history, though I
could imagine that as an idea, Double Dunkirk might predate
it.  It's simply too elegant not to have been thought of


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