[r-t] Phobos music - new surprise royal and max methods

Chris Poole poole at maths.ox.ac.uk
Tue Mar 1 11:04:50 UTC 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, James Hustler wrote:

> > Southampton University -3-4-2.5.6-2.7.8-6-7.6.78-9, 2 (a)
> > End of Exams           -3-4-2.5.6-34-5-6-67-6-7 (f)
> > Harrison               -3-4-2.5.6-34-5-6-7.6-56.7 (f)
> > Lochdubh               -3-4-2.5.6- (mx)
> > Tanglefoot             -3-4- (h)
> > Ujay                   -3-4-2.5.36-4-3.6-6.7.6-6.7,0 (l)
> I'm not sure I can claim too much credit for method construction since
> it was very much a homage to the End of Exams & Harrison peals I'd rung
> in 1997 both conducted by Tom Hinton. I think the former was perhaps a
> MBD construction and the latter a collaboration of TEH & MBD.
> I can't remember now much about how the method developed but I notice
> that replacing the half lead with 10 gives the ill fated "Dungeoness"
> Surprise Royal (TEH/MBD???) which we lost in late 1997 at Tewkesbury and
> never re-attempted. This suggests I probably went full circle round the
> houses somewhat since there's a whole host of similar methods sitting on
> the PC going mouldy in various stages of development!

Not quite... these methods were all solely Tom's constructions (I recall
him telling me about one of them after our Physics A-level exam).  And
it's 'Dungeness' too.


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