[r-t] RE: Percycution, and some theory for a change!

Andrew Tibbetts ajwxyzt at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 18 13:52:58 UTC 2005

>I can't people not doing something because it's boring. I find some
>ringing takes up few thought processes, and can drift into a meditative
>trance, which is really quite relaxing.

It's not boring in a sense of lack of thought processes. Calling the 
standard 41 in hand involves few conscious thought processes. It's in the 
trapped sense of 'WTF am I doing here when there are 1,001 things that I 
know I find extremely enjoyable, of which any one could occupy me for a 
whole lifetime'. A distinctly different boring to being content studying 
peal boards mid-peal.

Life's too short to not maximise your utility.

>"If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still
>boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one
>discovers that it is not boring at all." --John Cage.

I suppose that's true; nothing is boring once you've committed suicide.

Anyway, back to the theory, I'm struggling to get 400 different pure 
Surprise grids into a 5,040. My current line of thinking is based on the 
following blocks:

56-12: Ss, Sb, Ds, Bb, Bd
-1256-: Ss, Sb, Ds, Bb, Bd and Ss, Ss, Ss, Sd, Bs
-56-: Ss, Ss, Db, Bb, Bd and Ss, Ss, Sd, Ds, Bb
-12-: Ss, Ss, Db, Bb, Bd and Ss, Ss, Sd, Ds, Bb

This gives 18 'guaranteed omissions' from the 420 available half-leads. 
Trying to maximise the remaining 402 without dropping more than a further 
two grids as well as making it reasonable to call is proving tricky. Getting 
into the high 390s is not much of a problem.

Is there a way to get fewer theoretical omissions (excluding the practical 
losses arising from constructing the true composition)??


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