[r-t] Cyclic principles

Matt Dawson mdd29 at cam.ac.uk
Mon May 9 23:54:05 UTC 2005

having seen recent correspondence on this list, i've been looking into 
cyclic even-bell principles, and have come up with the following offering 
on 10:

- = 2345678901

basically, the first six changes get the bells to the order 6543210987 
through hunting on the front six and back four, and then hunting on the 
front and back five reverses each half of the change to give the cyclic 
part end.

looking more closely at the notation, i can't see much promise in trying to 
produce a maximus version, as the back four bells have to wait for the 
front six to rotate into back rounds, which essentially involves two x's in 
that part of the notation. on 12 this would extend to the back five bells 
having to dodge, which isn't possible without three blows in the same 
place. however, a fourteen bell version is easily obtainable by using a 
similar idea.

in terms of music, the plain course has a fair few runs in various places, 
thanks largely to all the hunting that goes on. back rounds is reached 
roughly halfway through and only one 09 crops up (as always seems to occur 
with this type of method). as for a possible peal composition, i'm sure 
that a call of 58 or 70 at the part end might yield some musical results, 
although i'm a relatively inexperienced composer, so someone else on the 
list might have better luck trying that!


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