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Tony will now add a reference to the letter as part of the notes in the
collection. From this the change of name can be seen. I assume the methods
database will pick this up. However, it may be a good idea if the names are
subsequently re-used that a reference to the letter is given there as well.

Incidentally, his apology to me is because I asked for his opinion as to
whether or 'Hillingdon' was an extension of an existing method, and his
opinion at the time was that it wasn't. Fortunately, I did not have an H


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Philip wrote:

> The distinction ... is in the Decisions at the time that
> the methods were rung.

I thought this might be the reason. It reinforces the need to have alias
names (or at least notes) in the collections (and method database :-).
Further confusion could be caused if these names are subsequently reused.


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