[r-t] Spliced S Minor

Samuel M. Austin combineharvestersam at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 4 17:23:40 UTC 2005

There is no correct answer but I'm looking for ideas.

At Edgbaston, we are having some clappers restored so 8 bells wont available 
all the time. I'd like to do some Spliced S Minor with them but don't know 
where to start.
  (I come from a six bell tower and all we ever rang was Grandsire Doubles 
and London S Minor).

On eight, I'm giving them a diet of Stedman and working through the standard 
eight. With S. Major there are a few 'schemes' to work to. One is to do the 
standard 8 and continue until Smith's 23 has been done.

I'd like ideas for a 'scheme' of S. Minor please.
We've done Cambridge, Beverley, Surfleet, London and Norwich seperately. 
Idealy a composition where methods can be neatly added although I know the 
difficulty of this.

I'd apreciate some ideas please.



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