[r-t] Monkey methods (was Seven Deadly Sins)

Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 4 13:08:13 UTC 2005

I was in a bit of a rush yesterday, and not quite sure how I managed to send two
blank emails. Apologies.
>I think the 2nds place method is better than the 12ths place
>one -- be kind, I've never produced a cyclic method before :-) -- but how
>are you supposed to cater for bizarre lead-ends like 13T527496E80 AND normal
>cyclic ones?
The plain course certainly would be better, although in my view one of the only failings
of cyclic methods seem to be that all the best bits get bunched up in the same course.
I just though that perhaps using this sort of plan might help to spread the music out a 
bit better - although it's an irregular lead end a lot of the roll ups are cyclical (you're only ever one call away from a cyclical coursing order), plus it gives scope for comedy roll 
ups such as xxxx567890E2, etc.

>How about a method with the same lead ends in a different order so that 
>you can have the bob after 10 leads, and get 5280 with a normal treble 

True, but you'd be 5 minutes later getting to the pub.

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