[r-t] Interesting observation

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Mon Oct 17 08:50:30 UTC 2005

Here's an interesting observation, brought to you courtesy of Ian

In any major method with regular (plain bob) leadheads, call a single
5ths.  Now if you call a single at any one of the 7 subsequent leads, it
will take you into one of the cyclic courses (ie a course where one of
the leadheads is a rotation of rounds). Is this widely known? Obvious?

Practical example for the hard of thinking: call a single at the end of
the first lead of Yorkshire major. If you call another single anywhere
in the next course, at the end of the 6th lead after that second single,
the leadhead will be one of 18234567, 17823456, 16782345, 15678234,
14567823, 13456782, 12345678.



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