[r-t] Spliced surprise major: John M Goldthorpe

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Mon Oct 17 12:19:49 UTC 2005

I rang in a peal of 45 spliced surprise major yesterday
(http://www.campanophile.co.uk/show.html?Code=31364), composed by John
Goldthorpe.  The peal consisted of all the methods from Smith's 23 and
Chandler's 23 (41 distinct methods), with 4 additional methods inserted
to take the composition up to 10k. The composition is copied below.

I think it's a very impressive compositional achievement to be given 45
different treble-dodging major methods and fit them all into a
composition. The atw peals of more spliced major methods that I've seen
contain many (random) methods that fit a composition, rather than being
a composition that contains only a specified group of methods.

I wonder if John wants to explain how he put his composition together?
He must certainly have some impressive resources in his toolkit - the
use of singles adds to this impression! And what is the maximum number
of methods that I could give him for him to stand a reasonable chance of
putting an atw composition together, I wonder?

John's website (containing many other compositions) is
http://lightning.prohosting.com/~escrick/compidx.htm . My only
suggestion is that many compositions seem to be based around maximising
CRUs. This is old-school - runs are the way forward for spliced major!

10080 Spliced Surprise Major (45 methods)
John M Goldthorpe

   2345678 Lindum
 - 6423857 Bristol
   2684735 Cambridge
   4365278 Glasgow
   3547682 Ipswich
 - 8264735 Jersey
   4325876 London
   2483657 Cray
   6872543 Rutland
   7658324 Uxbridge
   5736482 Watford
   3547268 Ashtead
 - 6824735 Pudsey
   4385672 Superlative
   5732468 Colnbrook
   7256384 Newcastle
   2678543 Lincolnshire
   8463257 Sonning
 - 4357826 Cornwall
   8564237 Yeading
 - 6854237 Newlyn
   3742856 Essex
 - 2568743 Northampton
 - 7625384 Moulton
 S 4832576 Sussex
   6573248 Cassiobury
 - 3482576 Adelaide
   7625483 Richmond
 - 4276358 Belfast
   7432865 Claybrooke
   3784526 Ealing
   8357642 Wembley
 - 6583274 Preston
 S 3574628 Double Dublin
   7365842 Chertsey
   6783254 Malpas
   2846573 Whalley
 S 4528367 Willesden
 S 3724658 Chesterfield
 - 8623574 Tavistock
 S 4752386 Buckfastleigh
   6385247 Dorchester
 - 3547628 Yorkshire
 - 5728364 Lessness
 - 3257486 Caterham
 S 3527486 
7 part.
314 com, 49 cru's, all the work.


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