[r-t] Seven Deadly Sins

Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 25 12:22:22 UTC 2005

>Consider a close analogy, with composition "by hand". Suppose you didn't
>know about false leadheads, and the only way you had of proving your
>compositions was writing every change out by hand. This would slow you down
>a lot, and beyond a certain length would become impractical. Then along
>comes another composer, who gives you a present - an algorithm for
>calculating false leads, and using them to speed the proving and composition
>process. You don't necessarily understand how the algorithm works, but you
>can follow it, and now you can produce more, and better, compositions.

>Who is the author of these new compositions? You, or the other composer, the
>one who gave you the algorithm?
You, because you're the one who has generated the leadheads - not the other composer. In my eyes, this is the definition of composing a peal, quarter or whatever.
Or, if a computer has generated a composition using a program that you wrote yourself, then fair enough - I think in this case it's fair enough to claim it as your own. After all, you wrote the program.
But I don't see how you can possibly claim a composition if all you're doing is using a program someone else has written. Where have you shown any compositional skill whatsoever in doing that? Anyone can choose a few parameters and click 'search'.

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