[r-t] Attribution (was Seven Deadly Sins)

ALEXANDER HUNT alex.hunt at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 31 17:14:37 UTC 2005

MBD Said:

> If you've just put a few parameters into BYROC, and hit the search button,
> and picked the top result, the composition is still yours (assuming no-one
> else found it first).

How can you ever be sure no-one else found it first. I don't think there is
a definitive database of compositions which details who can rightly claim
authorship of each and every composition. How am I to avoid the
embarrassment of claiming a composition as my own work and finding someone
else got there first? A composition doesn't get marked with a flag like the
North Pole did.

MBD> But if you really want to play down your part in it,
   > use "Arr. Me Myself". By all means add a (BYROC) or an (SMC32)
   > but it's the "Arr. Me Myself" that's important.

This would appear to be easier than doing research into what compositions
are already attributed to a composer. It takes much longer to check your own
work is original than for BYROC or whatever to produce the composition.

Alex Hunt

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