[r-t] Nelson's Victory

Hoppy(s) john at jhopwoods.screaming.net
Thu Sep 15 20:06:57 UTC 2005

Hi Theorists (my 1st post I think)

Something similar happened in 1968 with Warsop Surprise Minor.  I
remember that there was an issue as to which band could claim the

How the situation was sorted I don't know.  My peal book says "Warsop" at
Warsop conducted by Brynley Richards with Herbert Rooke (Grand Man) in the band.
The date in my book says Aug 3rd 1968.

Having looked at the 4 way table, the PN that we rang is
called Rampton. (&-34-14-12-36-14-16,12) This is what my peal book
says.  http://methods.ringing.org/ gives the 1st performance of this
PN as Rampton on the same date as above.  The RW ref is 68/637 660.

Interestingly, Warsop and Rampton are only 25 miles from each other.
Local rivalry I wonder?

Perhaps someone who has this RW could look it up and give details.

It would seem that both performances took place on the same day.  I
am sure that my peal book is correct when it comes to dates.  I don't
have the RW's for that long ago so perhaps someone could do a bit
of research.  There may even be some correspondence in consequent

I'm not sure whether this topic is appropriate for this list so
apologies if necessary.  Perhaps it should be shifted to "c-r"?


> A started before B, but if both attempts were successful and B finished
> first then who gets to name the method? B because it was the first to finish
> or A because the method existed 5 minutes before variant B?

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