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Richard Smith, Tony Smith and, I suspect, a number of other people all
have code / applets to generate extensions, etc.  

I suggested to Tony sometime last year that he should put his applet
online on the Methods Committee website for all to use - this would also
reduce the number of emailed queries he has to answer by about 30%.  He
said there were other priorities.

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What about 34-34.1-2- This is the same as minor up to
the last section where it is just TB. Perhaps someone could write a a
straightforward explanation of the rules - or better still a bit of
software that implements them for simple folk like me who don't follow

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I see that no answer has been given so far about Writtle but, as far as
can see, the 'old' rules did not allow the proffered extension since a
static extension below, which this is, requires the 34 places to remain
situ'. This is because the 4th place in each case is immediately below
treble (dodging in 5-6) in the minor, and this has always been a quality

worth preservation.

Extensions below the treble would seem to have been limited to:
SFG: 1x2x1.
EFG: 1x2x1.

It is difficult to see by sight what additional extensions would become
avaialable using 'quantum' extension, but I think there is scope for a
extension below which probably looks like 1x2x1x2x1.

The two methods given are not related, but if Writtle Minor has not been
'legitimately' named....

Strictly E&OE
Best wishes

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