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Wed Aug 9 12:42:03 UTC 2006

Thank you
After having written my last posting, I had just *discovered* what I
suppose might be called spliced Grandsire & Double Grandsire (the 3
part with 2 coming home)

It would be interesting to try to determine  the laws behind
successful cramboing; On paper I have only just begun with the extents
that I know & it seems that whilst initially there are several
choices, these soon start to cancel out. perhaps somewhat similar to
the pure doubles *logic* that when a particula row is established
between two other rows, then the row which would have been produced by
the remaining unused  PN must also be surrounded by the same PN
ie say having

then using only 1st, 3rds or 5ths in the comp, , we must also have
(Not necessarily that way up!!)

Thanks again

On 8/9/06, Richard Smith <richard at ex-parrot.com> wrote:
> Alexander Holroyd wrote:
> > > Using nothing but 1sts 3rds & 5ths places I only know of true 60s   as
> > > those obtained from  Grandsire (P B P B P B)  its reverse and
> > > rotations
> > > and from the plain course of Stedman / Carter and their reverses &
> > > rotations. As you say that there are in fact lots others, I wonder if
> > > you have the time, would you send them to me?
> >
> > I don't have them, but Richard Smith does!
> There are 44 half-extents up to rotation, reflection, etc.:
>   http://www.mythic-beasts.com/~richard/doubles/extents/
> The only four extents with significant symmetry are Carter,
> Stedman, Grandsire and that spliced Grandsire / Double
> Grandsire extent (or Grandsire with half-lead calls, however
> you want to think of it).
> > And he can probably also tell
> > us which of them can be successfully "Cramboed Up"...
> I was just thinking about that...
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