[r-t] Bastow / Cloister

Stephen Penney stephen at ucalegon.com
Fri Feb 3 13:25:19 UTC 2006

As a bit of fun at our practice we've been ringing stedman quick sixes 
to make a change from Erin. This was introduced to me as "Cloister" 
when I was learning to ring, as a practice method for Stedman. This 
traditionally started with round as the 4th row of a six, so the treble 
can get used to the Stedman start. 
I pursuaded the band that it might be more worthwhile to start with a 
full six, thus keeping the two trebles as hunt bells - then if you call 
the 7th (for triples) in and out you get Whittingtons in the second 

My question is how did this get called cloister? I believe it's a 
logical extention of Bastow little bob, is this the case? I can 
understand the additional hunt bell, but the double dodges? I can't 
think of any other methods where dodges turn to double dodges on higher 


PS is it possible to produce a quarter peal by ringing the six as instead of as the only call?

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