[r-t] Bastow / Cloister

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Fri Feb 3 13:50:12 UTC 2006

> I believe [Cloister] is a logical extention of Bastow little bob

Depends what you call 'logical'!  :-)  Bastow is an even-bell method where
there is one hunt bell, hunting to 2nds and back.  Cloister is an odd-bell
method where there are two hunt bells, hunting to 3rds and back.  So yes, it
does seem logical, although it doesn't fit the CC definition of an

> I can't think of any other methods where dodges turn
> to double dodges on higher stages.

The double dodge is caused by two hunt bells turning round in the middle of
the change, instead of just one.  You probably can't think of any other
methods like this because there are very few Little methods rung, and even
fewer where the twin-hunt 'extension' has been rung too.  Consider the
'extension' of Little Bob Minor to Triples -- -- there
is a double-dodge in 6-7 as the two hunt bells turn round in 5ths.

Also, consider Grandsire.  At a plain lead, there is normally one bell
turning round in thirds, and the bells above do a single dodge.  At a bobbed
lead, there are two bells turning round in thirds, and the bells above do a
double dodge.  So it's not an unfamiliar concept, although it is certainly
not a widely explored one -- for two reasons, I should think:  (1) the CC
does not recognise this as extension, and (2) odd-bell methods are not
widely rung these days.


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