[r-t] Spliced Minor

Mr Philip Saddleton freepabs at freeuk.com
Wed Feb 8 15:10:21 UTC 2006

Samuel M. Austin writes: 

> Morning, could someone do me a favour please? I'm after a 720 and a 600ish of four spliced minor. The methods are: Cambridge, Beverley, Surfleet S. and Kirkstall Delight. Aye. Sam

Kirkstall cannot be included with the others in a true 720 in whole leads: 

Changing from 36 to 16 when the treble is in 4-5 is like calling a bob, and 
the q-set rule applies. So for a particular pair of 3rds & 5ths place bells 
either all three leads must be Kirkstall or not. Then the other half of the 
leads of Cambridge have the same 3rds pb and different 5ths pb - including 
the corresponding q-sets for these half leads mean that all the half-leads 
with a given 3rds pb are the same method. If this is Kirkstall then the 
other half has a different 3rd pb, so all of these half-leads are also 

Of course you could have a 5ths place half-lead bob. 


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