[r-t] Tittums

Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 16 13:00:00 UTC 2006

For an 11 part format, mx methods are useful in the transition between the 
  tittums/cyclic courses. This is just a prototype - I haven't checked it.
  5104 Spliced Maximus
  (4m: 1584 Avon D., Bristol S., Orion S.,
  352 Littleport Little S., 98 com, atw)
       234567890ET   Br
       795E3T20486   Br
       T0E89674523   Av
  14   ET089674523   Or
  16   0E9T8674523   Av
  18   908E7T64523   Or
  10   89706E5T423   Br
  10   ET029384567   Av
  18   0E9T8234567   Li
  16   908ET234567   Or
  14   890ET234567
  11 part.
  You could also ring the above composition with an mx method (having 36 changes 
  per lead) on its own to give a 5148, but ringing nine consecutive leads of the same place bell might get a bit tedious.

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