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but at  this stage we should be concentrating on 
the fact that change IS  needed,

I'm not so sure that change is needed.  You seem to agree that  everyone has 
a different view and then deny the CCCBR a view of its  own.   I think you are 
in danger of spending a great deal of time and  effort holding meetings, 
arguing and pontificating when you could perhaps spend  that time doing something 
more useful.   I dont think the CCCBR rules  have ever stopped anyone ringing 
what they wanted to ..... in fact the  narrowness of some rules may even have 
encouraged people to ring something that  breaks the rules..... and pushes 
back the frontiers of the exercise...  I  get the feeling that many of the 
subscribers to the various lists are the sort  of people who like the challenge of 
rule testing and breaking.
Leave the rules as they are and get the CCCBR to consider what its position  
as a body creating historical record is..... so that it can state plainly what 
 it will record and what it wont and it is about time it considered how, and  
where, it is going to record things.
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