[r-t] Changes to decisions again

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Mon Jan 23 14:45:03 UTC 2006

> By permutations, I mean each bell sounding once and only once in
> every row.  That's fairly obviously implied, even if it is not stated.

Yes, I would agree with this definition.  While you certainly can ring
123456 at an eight-bell tower, I wouldn't call it a permutation of an 8-bell

> Anyway, there's never been any cylindrical rung, ever.

I think at least one quarter of cylindrical Minor has been rung by the CUG:
http://www.campanophile.co.uk/show.html?Code=30750 , assuming it wasn't a
hoax, of course.  I believe it was in the RW as well, along with an
explanation of the 'method'.


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