[r-t] Jump changes

Stephen Penney stephen at ucalegon.com
Thu Jun 22 11:15:26 UTC 2006

Something occurred to me the other night when a ringer fired out a 
touch of Grandsire Triples. He was ringing the tenor behind (he's been 
ringing about 15 years, and is incapable of doing much more than this), 
and I was ringing the 7th. After about 10 mins of ringing, a single was 
called with the 7th behind. The tenor ringer misheard this for "That's 
all", and so continued to follow me, regardless of the fact that I was 
now hunting down to the front. We were unable to convince him to get 
back up to 8ths place, and the touch was stood up. I was rather 
astounded that he was able to do this without realising we were still 
ringing the method.

Then I wondered - have jump changes ever been used specifically as a 
teaching aid? I've seen learners that while still struggling with rope-
sight are also struggling with manoeuvring their bell. Jump changes can 
come in useful with teaching them this skill without having to worry 
about rope-sight at the same time. For example:



The learner on the second can hunt from 2nds - 7ths place and back, and 
yet always follow the same bell. The same idea can be used for more 
complicated paths.

Has anyone used jump changes in this way?


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