[r-t] Short 'peals' of Stedman Triples

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Mon Jun 12 17:03:31 UTC 2006

It seems unlikely to me. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that a 
touch of between 4980 and 5040 exists using standard calls, but I 
wouldn't know how to go about finding one other than by an exhaustive 
search - this is a much bigger problem than searching for a bobs only 

A related question: is it possible to find two touches of different 
lengths, such that
a) the lengths differ by fewer than 60 changes
b) the rows of the longer are a superset of those of the shorter?

I can do this with funny calls:
a) take a 79 of Doubles and a B-block, with 6-7 swapping in the 
appropriate places to make the rows match (this could be extended to a 
b) Coming round at the six-end, ring titanic for the final six (5036)
c) finish with a Double in 34567, and replace place notation 3.34567 
with 123 for 5039 - or 34567. with 123 for 5035

But then with sufficiently strange calls you can clearly get any length.


John Camp said  on 11/06/2006 20:58:
> At 20:55 on 11 June 2006, John Camp wrote:
>> Correspondence on ringing-chat about possible changes to the rules
>> about peal lengths generated the question: Can it be shown (preferably
>> easily) that all lengths of Stedman Triples between 5000 and 5039
>> changes can be obtained?
> Actually, that should be 'from 5000 to 5039 changes inclusive'.

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