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edward martin edward.w.martin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 14:21:26 UTC 2006

On 6/19/06, Don Morrison <dfm at mv.com> wrote:
> On 6/19/06 8:10 AM, edward martin wrote:
> > I was (& am) dead against variable cover
> Does this mean "I don't want to ring it myself" or "I want to prevent
> others who do want to ring it from doing so"? Or something else?

I've rung it, didn't like it  and wouldn't reccommend it
Whatever people ring I and the Central Council have no power to
control, but if the CC decides by majority vote that it will not
accept any particular performance to include on its own records for
whatever reason,then  that is their right and I  am stuck with it no
matter what my preference may be. But, being stuck with it doesn't
mean that I now consider myself obliged to go along with their
decision. I & two others might choose to ring  4998 rows on 3 tower
bells. Perhaps we enjoyed ourselves and felt that we had achieved
something significant, but when I send it up to the CC for
recognition, knowing their rules & decisions, I ought not to feel
surprised or indignant that they reject our performance on what appear
to me to be arbitrary if not bizzare points of order.

They are elected to represent the ringing community. The question I
have is: does the elected rep actually represent or is he voicing his
own opinion irrespective of what his constituancy may want? This is a
problem long suffered by democratic government. The only alternatives
seem to be  tyranny or chaos

I have the feeling that the majority of CCReps haven't a clue. Within
the framework of the CC, far too much is left to the various
committees which in turn appear to leave a great deal to the various
Chairmen. This is a gross exageration but to me it does appear to be
the case . Thus a matter is brought before the council who vote to
send it to committee who leave the decision to their more
knowledgeable chairman who presents it at the next CC Meeting where
little knowledgeable debate ensues and the majority not understanding
technical details  decide to vote with the committee's

Whether the rest of us decide to go along with these is entirely up to
us. Each affiliated society is *supposed* to go along with these
decisions but we have precedents to show that in fact while most do,
some don't


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