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At 20:28  on 21 November 2006, Roddy Horton wrote:

> I agree with Glint - damn  good stuff.

Philip is some sort of ringing genius, so I am loath to  comment. But
does this 'enormous tittums' really cut the mustard? The back  bells
sound so emphatic working their way up and down that it almost  sounds
like rounds or back rounds on five, at times. None of the  excitement
of working up to something and reaching a climax.

OK -  I'll go back to ringing-chat.

John  Camp


I think I'm replying to John Camp.  You were not the only one who had  "heavy 
five" come into mind whilst listening to this.  I remember the same  effect 
from that tape that was around some years ago with 20-in on it.  How  do people 
actually hear this stuff?  With practice I think I could hear the  back 5 or 
6 OR the front five or six but not both sets together.  I dont  get this 
problem on 12 so why should I on 16?
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