[r-t] 1606s

Samuel M. Austin combineharvestersam at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 10 12:18:10 UTC 2006

Afternoon All,

I'm organising a QP project to take place in a couple of weeks and I 
wondered if I may have some help with the compositions please?

The tenor bell at Huyton (where I learned to ring) was cast by Henry 
Oldfield II in the year 1606 so we are going to ring a 1606 at all 7 towers 
containing ringable bells cast by Oldfield in 1606
As a sub project, I'd like to obtain a 1606 in 7 different ways.

There are two ways that I cant get a composition for though.

Cambridge/Beverley or Surfleet. - I'd like a touch of 166 to start at 
backstroke and it should come round at the trebles snap before the 2nd lead 
in the 2nd course. I'd then sandwich a 1440 inside

Cambridge/Beverley or Surfleet - The same but I'd like to start at trebles 
snap after the lead and it comes round at the second lead in the 2nd course.

I've found 5 other ways using different methods.

Many thanks



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