[r-t] Compositional help requested

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Sep 5 19:39:54 UTC 2006

I've been messing around with a compositional idea (which may be attempted 
at the end of this month) for a couple of hours this evening, but I've got a 
bit bored and so am seeking help.  Any offers gratefully received.

Slink (&56.123T,1T) is a short and very simple maximus link method, which 
can be used to get you into cyclic courses very quickly.  An example is the 
following very musical simple 11-part quarter composition:

1144 Spliced Maximus (2m)
2*Slink   14523ET90786
2*Bristol 167890ET2345

Pad out if you feel the need.

Right, now for various reasons I'm trying to produce a simple peal 
composition that contains self-contained blocks of Bristol Max, Cambridge 
Max and Stedman Cinques in (very roughly) similar length blocks.  For my 
Bristol section, I'd like to start with the cyclic composition above. 
Following this, for the rest of the peal I want 'conventional' music and 
simple callings (tenors together for the surprise and a 
'tittums'/handstrokes combo for the Stedman).

I've got the maximus section of the composition to more or less how I want 
it. Here's where I've got to:

Spliced Cinques / Maximus

2*Slink                14523ET90786 |
2*Bristol              167890ET2345 | A
9A                     190ET2345678
            M   W   H
SSBB.BBB.       -   -  1452367890ET
(Bristol)       -   s  132456
(Cambridge) s   s   s  154263
            -       -  132465
            -   -      164523
(Stedman)   x          13426578E90T
            y          ????658709ET
                ?????  2143658709ET


There are 3544 rows up to the end of the Cambridge section.  Can some of you 
Stedman fans please help me out and come up with a suitable simple block of 
calls (at 7 and 18, or whatever is easiest) to replace the question marks in 
the Stedman section?  Preferably maximising 567890ETs if possible.

There may be a prize for the best solution!

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