[r-t] Compositional help requested

Don Morrison dfm at mv.com
Wed Sep 6 22:02:26 UTC 2006

On 9/6/06, Andrew Johnson <andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com> wrote:
> Using Eril I found the following blocks
> All 5261 changes, 12 567890ETs, 6 657890ETs, 42 67890ETs
>  u = 18,7,7,18,18
> v = 7,18,7,18,18,18,7,18,7,18,18
> u = 18,18,7,18,7,18
> v = 7,18,7,7,18,7,7,18,7,18,18
> u = 18,7,18,7,18,7
> v = 7,18,7,7,18,7,7,18,7,18,18
> u = 7,18,7,18,7,7
> v = 7,18,7,7,18,7,7,18,7,18,18

I must be confused about how to interpret the above.

Looking at it I would think that it's saying

- from Philip's maximus section call his turning course (x)
- then call (u) from one of the pairs above
- then call Philip's turning course (y)
- then call (v) from one of the pairs above

But (unless I'm doing something wrong) from all four pairs that seems
to result in the course end 4321658709E, which isn't going to come

And there's further difficulties as well. For example, I believe the
(v) block in the first pair is going to run immediately false, unless
followed by a call at 1, so it doesn't look like it can possibly work
as the end of a peal in the handstroke position.

What am I missing?

Don Morrison <dfm at mv.com>
"Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes."
                        -- Oscar Wilde, _Lady Windermere's Fan_

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