John Camp camp at bellringers.org
Mon Aug 13 15:59:10 UTC 2007

The contents of the bellringers' wiki, now called 'RINGWIKI', have been
moved to new software and can be found at
<www.bellringers.org/ringwiki>. Many thanks to Stephen 'Percy' Penney,
who did virtually all the work of reconstructing the old text in the new

The purpose of RINGWIKI is to give answers to frequently-asked
questions, record solutions to interesting problems, and to provide a
home for any other useful information. Recurrent subjects on the various
ringing-based mailing lists can be located there. You can look things
up in RINGWIKI, or add or amend information yourself.

At present, RINGWIKI contains useful method tips, articles about
muffles, the need for a National Bell Register, pre-stretched polyester
ropes, ringing email lists, ringing in Lent, the Northern Universities
Association, wedding fees and a few other items.

A wiki is, of its nature, incomplete. You may take a look and think
"that's wrong" or "that link should be different" or even "what a mess".
It is up to its users to improve it. RINGWIKI needs updating, developing
and using. You don't have to ask anyone - just get on with it. There are
instructions on site about how to use it.

John Camp

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