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jim at clat.wanadoo.co.uk writes:

While  looking for a comp for an Uxbridge variation (yes there are some
left...) I  came up with the following simple 5088 3 part

S3 s5 H 
B H  
M B W H 
M B W H 
M s3 s5 
M s3 s5 W H 

I've  looked around a bit but cannot find it published. 

Does anyone  recognize it? 

Thanks.   Jim  

I recognise it in so far as its a 3 part, 144 crus, good balance of s3s5  
versus Befores and at least 2 full courses per part.   Whilst not  having seen 
your comp I have one waiting for my next peal of Uxbridge which is  very similar 
and has 2 less Bobs per part viz:    h,bw,s3s5h,s3s5w,bw2h,bw,s3s5h,mbwh.    
Can you get less than 16  bobs per part?

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