[r-t] Double extent of major

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Tue Dec 4 18:53:15 UTC 2007

A question of less practical significance, and presumably offering
fewer chances for damage to carpets:

Is it possible to construct a true 80,640 of a single treble dodging
major method using just bobs?

Come to think of it, is it possible to construct a true 40.320 of
plain major using just bobs? If you don't mind reversing the tenors
you can get to any row without using singles, but can you cram them
all into an extent, or do you run into the same sort of problem you do
with Grandsire Triples? Obviously being able to construct a true, bobs
only extent of plain major is a sufficient condition for the double
extent of treble dodging, but not a necessary one.

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