[r-t] Antelope

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Thu Dec 6 16:32:57 UTC 2007

Hi All

Just as well I read the whole lot of the last digest as I see Ben W has 
answered Basil's question already. What Ben says is of course, quite 
correct, but it is worth pointing out that I seem to recall that SBSP x 3 is 
only true for Grandsire.

b.t.w., on 20th ult., Eddie Martin said "I have been told many times by Tony 
Smith that there is no such thing
as New Grandsire, though I maintain that there is!"

This is not a new idea. The 1980 Doubles collection omits 'New' Grandsire, 
Antelope, etc so it is safe to say that this concept was around at least 
before 1977 - incubation of printed collections being as they then were. I 
remember when I started ringing, the tower had a copy of the previous 
Doubles collection (c1960?) and I wonder whether the 'New' methods were in 

If not, does anyone know when the concept was first aired. (I'm sure it's 
right.). It's probably quite old


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