[r-t] Big searches

Richard Grimmett richard at grimmett.org
Sun Dec 16 23:49:57 UTC 2007

Mark Davies wrote:
> Time for a "mine's bigger than yours" competition. Who has run the biggest
> machine search, measured by number of nodes searched?
> I'll start - I've got a search on the go at the moment which has just tipped
> over the 100 trillion node mark. It's been running for 432 hours so far,
> with an average of just less than 100,000 compositions found and checked per
> second, every second. By the time it's finished it should have searched 300 
> trillion nodes.
> Anyone got anything bigger? I've run longer searches in the past, but on
> older hardware, so I think this is a node highwatermark for me.

Golly, I have never realy considered the length of mine, purely whether 
it has come up with the results.


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