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Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
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Even more fantastic - that's really great! I do think the cyclic
part-ends add a lot of elegance to the construction. 

Following on from Richard Allton's comments, I would now also be most
interested to see a cyclic example with more than one treble-changing
single per part - I don't know if you found any examples whilst
producing the composition below? One which maximises changes of treble
could indeed be fun to ring!

My only other suggestion would be to match the musical analysis to the
structure of the composition. Leaving aside whatever one may think of
the relevant 'merits' of CRUs, with a cyclic composition I'd be much
more interested to maximise the 96 possible 'run' rows (xxxx5678,
xxxx8765, 5678xxxx, 8765xxxx) and cyclic rotations thereof.

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Philip Earis wrote:
> Fantastic - very quick and impressive - many thanks for this John.
> A couple of requests:
> 1) Is it possible to get a version with cyclic part ends? I notice
> if you rotate each part of your composition to start with Belfast you
> nearly do (first part-end is 23456817).
> 2) Can you get a version with only one treble-changing single
> If either or both or these requests are accommodated please share the
> composition.
> Thanks again,
> Philip

OK, how about this one?

5888 Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods)
John M Goldthorpe

   12345678 Whalley
   14263857 Claybrooke
   16482735 Chesterfield
   17856342 Colnbrook
   18674523 Willesden
   15738264 London
 - 12357486 Northampton
   15243678 Sonning
 - 12378564 Essex
   18634257 Belfast
 - 13864257 Caterham
 - 16384257 Buckfastleigh
 - 17286534 Newlyn
 - 16345287 Richmond
 S 41267358 Bristol
   46132875 Malpas
   48356712 Pudsey
 - 43612875 Newcastle
 - 43627158 Huddersfield
 - 46758312 Moulton
 - 41235867 Yeading
 - 43125867 Chertsey
   42381756 Sussex
 - 45678123
8 part.  S=3456.

256 of each method.
183 com, 40 cru's, all the work.

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