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Is it possible to get a variable hunt composition by changing the hunt bell in a method that starts 38x by using a x as the lead end place instead of a single which moves 4 bells ?

eg in London Major


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Philip Earis wrote:
> Following on from Richard Allton's comments, I would now also be most
> interested to see a cyclic example with more than one treble-changing
> single per part - I don't know if you found any examples whilst
> producing the composition below? One which maximises changes of treble
> could indeed be fun to ring!

5888 Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods)
John M Goldthorpe

   12345678 Willesden
 S 61847235 Caterham
 S 16482735 Newcastle
 S 41628357 Essex
 S 54876321 Chertsey
 S 45783621 Sonning
 S 34725168 Northampton
 S 23148756 Bristol
 S 32417856 Buckfastleigh
 S 83615247 London
   81326754 Newlyn
 S 58643721 Claybrooke
 S 45781632 Colnbrook
 S 74518326 Moulton
 S 67238145 Chesterfield
 S 16534728 Sussex
 S 81274365 Richmond
 S 78315246 Whalley
   71823654 Malpas
   76241583 Belfast
 S 67425183 Pudsey
 S 56487312 Yeading
   58634271 Huddersfield
 S 45678123

8 part.  S=3456.

256 of each method.
183 com, 24 cru's, all the work.
22 of 96 run rows.

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