[r-t] FCH

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Mon Mar 19 06:58:36 UTC 2007

Ian Fielding is quite correct when he extols the virtues of Segar's method 
for non-split tenor falseness. The adapatation to out-of-course FCH's is 
obvious. I cannot currently locate my copy of  the typed sheet.

John Leary's book suffers from space constraints - he has so much other work 
to explain he simply cannot do the FCH subject full justice is the space 
allowed. How do we know that the FCH groups are as they are, for example?

As regards Peter Humphrey's comments, I spent about 25 years trying to 
understand Hodgson, never getting
beyond about halfway, so I worked it out from first principles and wrote a 

Best wishes

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