[r-t] Erin Cinques

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Sat Nov 3 01:29:02 UTC 2007

This may not count as "fairly easy", but it's amusing.  Many variants on this 
theme should be possible...

cheers, Ander


  a 34567890E12
  a 567890E1234
  a 7890E123456
  a 90E12345678
  a E1234567890
  a 234567890E1
  a 4567890E123
  b 67890E12354
  b 890E1235476
  b 0E123547698
  b 123547698E0
  c 43658709E12
  a 658709E1243
  a 8709E124365
  a 09E12436587
  a E1243658709
  a 243658709E1
  d 4658709E132
  d 68709E13254
  d 809E1325476
  d 0E132547698
  b 132547698E0

  a= (10)
  b= (10)
  c=7.8.9 (9)
  d= (10)

> On Tue, 30 Oct 2007, Martin Bright wrote:
>> Remembrance day is approaching...
>> Does anybody have a fairly easy quarter of Erin Cinques with lots of
>> music at handstroke?
>> Thanks
>> Martin

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