[r-t] Multiple hunt bells in treble bob methods

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Fri Nov 9 15:57:44 UTC 2007

John Goldthorpe:
> Here is a different idea for a Surprise Maximus method with 3 hunt
> bells.  The treble is normal; the 4 treble-bob hunts to 4ths; and the 6
> treble-bob hunts to 6ths.

The trouble with a hunt bell is that it disrupts the music.  Think of Little 
Bob -- you can't get much off the front because the treble is always in the 
way.  Your method might well be fun to ring, but the 4 and 6 (not especially 
musical bells on 12) are always hanging around the front, so I don't suppose 
there'll be much in the way of music there.  And as the 4 and 6 never get to 
the back, there's no opportunity for little bell music at the back either.

Is it possible to have multiple hunts in a treble dodging method, and still 
make it musical?


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