[r-t] Stedman problem

Stephen Penney stephen at ucalegon.com
Mon Nov 19 12:23:54 UTC 2007

> I want to get from rounds to the row 197E5264830T in as short a time as
> possible, with the additional constrain that the touch contains back
> rounds.
> I'm happy to start from any point in the six, though the change
> 197E5264830T
> should be at backstroke, ideally at the six end. I have a preference for
> the
> back rounds occuring at a plain six end, but I'm not overly fussy about
> this.

This has the above criteria except the back rounds doesn't appear at a
six-end (although it is a plain six). Again using a conventional start:

2.4s. 9E087654321 (24 sixes)
4.6s. 197E5264830 (22 sixes)

Plenty of plain six goodness around the "course" ends.


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