[r-t] New maximus composition

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Tue Nov 20 13:50:50 UTC 2007

Phil Earis:
>> But my point is if you start a method at a different point in
>> the lead you are generally not in the plain course...

Ander Holroyd:
> I would say never, unless it is false in the plain course.

The double, twin-hunt, Differential Major method x1x1x1x27,27 still produces 
the plain course if rung starting from the half-lead.  However, this is 
rather a question of semantics, isn't it?  The CC Decisions, more-or-less 
sensibly, say that starting a method at a different point does not produce a 
different method.  But surely, if you ring the same method with the same 
place notation -- albeit starting at a different place in the lead -- you 
could well argue you are just ringing the same thing anyway.


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