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Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 23:34:29 UTC 2007

Thanks for that, Stuart. I put Double Standard together as an exercise to try 
and maximise 4-runs by joining numerous blocks of 3 (as opposed to a 7 part 
  format), thereby making it slightly easier for conductors such as myself. I didn't 
put the Snowball composition on my website as it's the same composition as 
above, just transposed for a different lead end order.
  Sadly on this plan one block of 3 has to be missed out due to the two extra 
courses required to link everything together. One of these is the giant tittums 
course (useful for this purpose as well as musical in its own right). I only 
chose to leave out some of the 7654's off the back in order to maximise courses 
with the tenors together (but I wanted to retain the 8765's).
  As for other standard methods, unfortunately this plan doesn't work quite so well. 
Your Yorkshire looks good, but you'll have noticed the inherent limitation of 
  the c falseness (eg. the course end 8234567 is false against 2345678, as is also 
  the case in Bristol). These courses are either false or not worth ringing (or both) 
  to the rest of the standard eight. 
  Another recently rung and straightforward method on this plan is David Hull's 
York Exercise Delight, x34x1x56x36x34x1x56x7, le 2z (if you're not squeamish, 
  you could maximise the runs by amending this to x34x1x567x2367x234x1x56x7).
  >Top stuff & nice to read about it's genesis. I'd also recommend the 
>not-unrelated 5152 Double Standard D Major by Rob,  particularly if your 
>band (like ours) is unlikely to cope well with long sections of split 
  >(and similarly 5152 Snowball D Major but that's not on his website). This 
>navigates the front bells to fruitful positions and then calls O4I to get 
>three courses of them. Circa 10 split tenor courses only (of a regular 
>method) and a large subset of the music mentioned before. Good stuff for the 
>masses! Tried my hand at a similar (simpler) composition for Yorkshire (i.e. 
>for mortals). How about some more for other standard methods?
  V       M  W  H   2345678
     O4I  -         4365278
     O4I  2  -      4235678
             -      5432678
     O4I     2  -   3425678
     O              4536278
  -       3         4735268
  2          2      5634278
     O4I     -     (4536278)
      4I        -   2345678

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