[r-t] Sawston Extreme

Peter Hinton peter at hinton.me.uk
Tue Oct 23 13:41:54 UTC 2007

> What's a Sawston Extreme? Or indeed what's an Extreme? Not a call I've heard before...
In doubles, an Extreme traditionally has places 125 made at the lead end.  The most common 
(well, relatively speaking, anyway) use of this is in the Extreme in Grandsire, but it 
also comes up in Minster and Wainfleet.
That's why this call was named as an Extreme, although it does the job of a Single, 
swapping two bells over.  Sawston itself is a variation of Reverse Canterbury, where the 
bells in 45 makes places just after the treble leaves the back - so one bell does 6 blows 
behind, the other does three blows in 4ths, then 3rds and in.  Note that the usual calling 
for a 120 doesn't work.

and for the Plain Bob equivalents:


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