[r-t] Spliced Stedman Cinques and Bristol Max

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How about this - not even method balance wise, but has your favourite
Bristol courses....

1323 Spliced Stedman Cinques and Bristol S Maximus

Bristol 12345678E90T s10½, s11
Stedman 1675849302E
Bristol 16758493E02T s10½, s11
Stedman 1342658709E  3.5s.
Singles in Bristol 10ET at both halflead and leadend. Full slow six Stedman
Contains 10½ leads of the plain course and the mega-tittums course.

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I'm after suggestions of a composition for a spliced quarter-peal of Stedman
Cinques and Bristol Maximus.  Please can people get creative and help? I've
come up with a few options, but nothing I'm really happy with yet.

The main criteria are obviously music, and then elegance / structure. I'm
happy with variable cover in the Stedman. There may be a prize for the best
suggestions (reluctantly, this doesn't include any compositions that don't
contain any Stedman).


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