[r-t] Provisional records, was New methods

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sat Aug 2 20:50:25 UTC 2008

Philip wrote:
> This is sensible, but sadly I think somewhat naive.  MBD did exactly
> this with his Norwich axioms a few years ago, but to no avail.
> You can take a horse to water...

I'm not being naïve, because when this discussion started I wrote:

"Everyone who criticises the current decisions underestimates the difficulty
of coming up with a replacement set. In practice, gaining consensus on the
detailed definitions is fraught with problems, as Don has illustrated. I
doubt that we could gain universal agreement on a definition of a peal
between the members of this list."

However, I am willing to help try. This list did not exist when the Norwich
Axioms were formulated, and some of the decisions have already been changed
since then. The list provides a medium to gain a consensus between those who
are interested before any motion is put. If we can’t agree on a change, then
there is no point putting it to the council. So, let's proceed one step at a
time, and formulate not only some changes to the decisions, but some
definitions of technical terms that the decisions don't address.

> Anyway, following your suggestion I will come up with my own slimline 
> "Decisions" sometime in the next week.  It should at least be a basis for 
> people to see where I'm coming from.

I look forward to it. 


PS. I have already compiled a starting list of terms that should be defined
in an online Change Ringing Technical Dictionary for the benefit of the

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