[r-t] Philip's new Decisions, including Wiki page

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sun Aug 3 17:24:21 UTC 2008

 I thought that you were going to be more radical than this Philip, as this
is another attempt like the Norwich Axioms! However, I favour an
evolutionary approach anyway, so this is a good start. Specific point are
probably better made on the Wiki, but a would like to make a few general


1.      I think it is worth avoiding change for the sake of change. We can
remove many of the constraints on what can be rung without asking people to
rewrite ringing history by wholesale redefinition of what has been rung in
the past. I therefore think that a few of your changes which result in
renaming method classes or making all place notation even-bell, except in a
few clearly argued cases, should be avoided.


2.      If you think about the new approach, there are some decisions
covering what the council treats as a peal, but then the rest of it is
merely a description and classification of ringing terminology (and Methods
is too restrictive a title). Why not reflect this in the decisions, and
actually keep the terminology completely separate under the stewardship of
the methods committee. Then to change the terminology, there is no need to
put a  motion to the council. This means keeping Decision (D) and moving
some of the peal related stuff like naming a method from (E) into it.
Decision (E) can then be replaced by a much briefer section saying something


"On behalf of the Council, the Methods Committee shall maintain and publish
a set of change-ringing technical definitions, a classification system for
describing what can be rung to peals complying with Decision (D), and a
catalogue of unique method titles, taking into account historical
precedents. It is the responsibility of the committee to amend the
definitions and classifications as required to describe innovations."


Then, separate from the decisions we can move all the method stuff in (E)
into a technical dictionary and classification system. I feel that this
should be much broader than methods, covering definitions of any technical
term associated with change ringing, with examples to help understanding.  



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