[r-t] Philip's new Decisions, including Wiki page

John Camp camp at bellringers.org
Tue Aug 5 17:28:52 UTC 2008

At 08:25 on 04 August 2008, Mark Davies wrote:

> Short and simple is good, but we do have to be watertight and cover
> everything that needs covering (in a practical way).  However none of
> this is impossible or even particularly difficult.

On the contrary, drafting rules of any kind, whether to do with ringing
or associations or illegal conduct, is an extremely difficult thing to
do well.  It requires precision of language, as well as a logical mind
and the ability to see where ambiguities (dare I say 'equivokes'?*) lie.

Not getting at Squiff in any way.  A man with a remarkably fertile and
logical brain.  But it really isn't as easy as he suggests to put
concepts into words, as the subsequent correspondence has demonstrated.

John Camp

*those who don't subscribe to r-c may be puzzled by this, but never

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