[r-t] Proposed definition of a peal

Martin Cansdale mjclists at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 11:12:47 UTC 2008

2008/8/7 Matthew Frye <matthew__100 at hotmail.com>:
>> But then when we come
>> to decisions on truth, peals, etc., we move away from what the ringer
>> in the street might say, and decide 'I want to be able to ring X, so
>> the decisions have to allow X,Y, and Z.'
>> Someone mentioned (much earlier) that people want their ringing to be
>> included in the analysis for the recognition and record that it was a
>> peal. I don't think the solution for this is to recognise as a peal
>> types of ringing that I (and I suspect lots of ringers) would consider
>> to be any old rubbish.
> What would you consider "any old rubbish" then?
> a peal of minimus with 12 covers? almost certainly (i personally wouldn't want to ring a peal of minimus anyway).
> What about a peal on 12 with spliced royal, cinques and maximus?  Perhaps you would, but there are people who may want to ring something like that.
> The problem is how and where you draw the line and wherever you draw it would have to be based on personal subjective opinions and therefore there can never be agreement and there will always be people who want to push further. The solution (a solution) to this is to basically remove artificial limits and let people ring what they want, and leave it up to them to decide what they believe is worth ringing and what isn't, if they believe that what they are ringing is worthwhile, then i can see no reason why anyone else should be able to put limits on it, and if they want to ring something they view as not worthwhile then that's their time to waste.

But you CAN ring whatever you like. Go out this evening and ring a
peal by kicking five empty cornflake packets. Nobody will be coming
round to lock you up. The decisions merely determine what the CC
counts as a peal. If people are worried about their peals 'counting',
it's because they consider recognition via the decisions to be some
measure of worth or social inclusion. The decisions may be too
restrictive, possibly far too restrictive. I'd be delighted to see
them improved, but if you're going to remove any concept of what's
real, worthwhile peal ringing then why not just scrap them completely?


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